Thursday, June 10, 2010


So, most of my shows are done until the new seasons come on. However, the Real Housewives go year 'round, I believe. Right now, we have the RH of New York ending & the RH of New Jersey is in the middle of their season, I believe.

RH of New York
I said it last year & I'll say it again: Kelly Bensimon is CRAZY! She may also be a meth user, according to recent revelations, but she's definitely nine kinds of CRAZY! The girl can rattle off something in response to a question & no two of the sentences will have any relation to one another. She might as well be saying, "o;ijq982hjrh89qnrgfp09u2frn98hn91238f," because that's what I get out of her "conversations." She makes NO SENSE! Oh, & the meth "thing"....when they were on their trip for Ramona's "vow renewal celebration" & Kelly was "acting" insane the entire time, Sonja kept saying that she smelled cat pee when she was around Kelly. Apparently, that is a sign of meth smells like cat pee. Also, Luann was WAY more annoying this season than last. She's got her nose in everybody's business, telling everyone how they should run their lives. Sonja's new. I like her. Ramona may have possibly had her meds adjusted to the correct dosage by the end of this season, as she seemed much less spastic & crazy by the end. Jill Zarin was SO self-absorbed & dramatic this season. I liked her last season, but she WAY over-did the drama this season. The whole thing w/ Bethenny & Alex was WAY over-dramatized! "I just can't deal with this right now! I feel ambushed!" Well, get over it & then you wouldn't feel ambushed every time Bethenny walked into the same room as you! Drama queen!

RH of New Jersey
Danielle Staub is CRAZY, too! Her daughters are so beautiful, but I feel so bad for them having to live with that crazy woman! I really doubt if the Manzo's had anything to do with her not having a table at that fundraiser. Like they said, they rented the facility out to whoever was hosting it & it was up to them to arrange the seating, etc. The hosts were the ones that didn't have a seat for her! And what about in the very first episode of the season when she had to drive past the Manzo's house to see who all was there for that fundraiser (a different one)? Her poor daughters were the ones that were trying to talk some sense into her & tell her that it was a bad idea. All the rest of those housewives, I'm good with.....except for Teresa spending outrageous amounts of money on her prissy daughters & then having to file for bankruptcy. But I like her in general.

Anyway, that's all I have for now. I'll try to write more often. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Good Wife - 9/22/09

Did any of you watch The Good Wife premier last night? It was REALLY good! The Fall season is beginning now & all of my favorite shows are coming back, plus some new ones are beginning. Such as The Good Wife. Also, I want to check out Cougar Town, the one with Courtney Cox-Arquette, but I'm not sure when or where it comes on. I'll have to look it up.

So, anyway, The Good Wife is a new legal drama with
Julianna Margulies & Chris Noth (Mr. Big). It is less about him being the cheating politician husband & more about her trying to get on with her life & become the bread-winner after being a stay-at-home mom for 14 years. Chris Noth plays Peter Florrick, an Illinois state's attorney who gets caught up in a prostitution/sex scandal. It starts out with him holding a press conference & assuring the public that nothing he has done has come out of state funds, etc., etc., etc. You know, politician stuff. Anyway, that's the end of that. And then it says "6 months later" & shows her going to a new job at a law firm. You don't know until about 1/2-way through the show that the reason she's going back to work is that he's locked up. He got convicted of some kind of "abuse of office" charges & is in prison. He finds out that the Court will hear his appeal, which he lets her know in a voice mail toward the end of the show. Anyway, the law firm gives her a pro bono case her first day on the job that has a hearing that SAME DAY! And it's a murder case! Crazy! Anyway, I won't go into all the details of the case, but she ends up winning the case.

The show is mostly about her trying to rebuild a life for her & her kids, & less about the scandal of her husband. Of course, it frequently shows incidents in which her husband's former position & scandal are still affecting her life, but the show is not necessarilly about the scandal as much as it is about "The Good Wife". Great show in my opinion. Watch it!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Real Housewives of New Jersey - 6/2/09

Well, the show was pretty good last night, as are most of the RH series'. I feel sorry for Jacqueline for not being able to have another kid when they want it. I'm still not sure how I feel about Danielle, other than her being obnoxious. I can't tell if she's just the non-family member/outsider just trying to get along w/ everyone & they're being rude to her; or if she's really trouble & they know more than we do. Am I the only person that thinks that Teresa's two girls w/ the longer hair are NOT that cute?! The cutest one is the one w/ the short hair (maybe the middle girl) that DOESN'T look like Teresa. Those girls have the pretty blue eyes & may be pretty when they get older, but they just look weird at this age. And is Gia's hair highlighted?! She DOES look very pageanty! Blech! Anyway, I also think that Caroline is too over-protective of her kids. They're in their twenties....let go a little bit! But as overbearing as she is, she seems to have very well-behaved kids. So, maybe that's what it takes.

I guess that's it for this week's show. Until next time!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Let's see....I'm watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but am not familiar enough with the show yet to submit a full commentary. I like it. This past weekend I also watched Intervention for the first time. It was a rerun. And I wanted to watch the new season which started on Monday, but I missed it. And there's also a new show called Obsessed about people with OCD. I would like to watch that, too. Intervention & Obsessed are both on A&E, if you're interested. What else am I watching right now? Not much. Most of my shows are over for the season, which leaves me free to do other things in the evenings.

I did watch According to Jim last night. There are not many sitcoms left out there. I guess, growing up in the 80s (when there were a ton of sitcoms like Growing Pains, Family Ties, The Cosby Show...which I still LOVE, btw), since I have grown up watching them...I still love a good sitcom! And According to Jim is funny. There are several good ones out there right now, which I will not bore you by mentioning at this time. Have a good one!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, & Private Practice - 4/30/09

Ugly Betty: It's back! The show had been on hiatus (?sp) for a while, but was back last week. (Sorry it's taken me so long to write about them...although no one probably reads this anyway.) Wilhemina thought that maybe the baby wasn't hers, since people kept saying that it looked like Christina (the surrogate), so she had some DNA tests done & it turned out that Willie is the mom. So, she fired Christina as the Nanny. That was sad because Willie never takes care of the baby (as I'm sure a lot of rich people do) & Christina had gotten attached to him. Betty's boyfriend's (whose name has escaped me) rich dad apparently has a HUGE well-known fundraiser every year that Betty & her family got invited to. Daniel found out & was so jealous, since he had always wanted to be invited to this event. Mode is broke, so Daniel wanted to get Betty's boyfriend's dad to be an investor for Mode. The boyfriend didn't want to get his dad involved, so there were arguments about this, but eventually, Betty snuck Daniel into the big Easter Egg hunt (the fundraiser) & Daniel finally got to talk to the boyfriend's dad about investing. He made Daniel be the Easter bunny (in a costume) & "jump through hoops" to humiliate Daniel before he would agree to anything. But eventually he did & Mode should be getting back on track.

Grey's Anatomy: Izzie's mom came to visit & drove her crazy. She thought that Izzie just had a little skin cancer & that she would just have that removed & everything would be O.K. Izzie & Dr. Bailey just told her that she was getting better so she would go home. Izzie is still planning Derek & Meredith's wedding, which is happening tonight. Dr. Hunt continues his therapy & keeps telling Christina random things when he sees her in the halls, etc. She finally stops him & asks him why he keeps saying things like "How's it going?" He tells her that his therapist told him to make a list of 3-word phrases that he can say to Christina instead of the 3-word phrase that he WANTS to say to her. Because he's "damaged" & no good for her right now. I can't wait for tonight's episode. Probably a 2-hour show, but I'm not sure.

Private Practice:
This episode (season finale) was really good, as most season finales normally are. We find out that Naomi accepted the position w/ the other practice, which (as we learn in this episode) is Charlotte's replacement. The head of her practice tells Charlotte that no one really likes working w/ her & that he needs someone w/ a heart to run his practice. Sam tells Naomi that he's still in love w/ her. Pete finally "man's up" & decides to "fight" for Violet. Violet is happy & tells Pete that she loves him, she goes home extremely happy....the doorbell rings, she answers the door, & there's the crazy lady that had lost her baby. She injects Violet w/ some sort of paralyzing drug so she can steal her baby & leave Violet for dead. She says that Violet stole her baby. CRAZY! So, the show ends right before she cuts into Violet's abdomen. I think the only other thing that happened on the show is that Dell got his daughter back. Betsy's mom shows up all strung-out on something. She tells Dell that she needs $10,000 & that, if he gives it to her, she'll give him Betsy back. So, in the end, Sam gives him a check for $10,000 to give to her. He gets her in the office (I assume by telling her that he has the money), he gets Betsy, & then refuses to give her the money. So she leaves, saying that she'll get Betsy back. Whatever...she's all high. What Judge would let her have that little girl when she's like that? Anyway, it was a good episode. And it makes me anxious for the return.

The Real Housewives of New York (2nd Season Finale) - 5/5/09

OMG! I'll start w/ Simon's pants. They were HIDEOUS! Red patent pleather pants! The rest of his outfit was weird as well, but it was hard to notice much of the rest of it over the pants! Ugh, what was he thinking?

So, normally I love Bethenny. It's not that I didn't love her in this episode, it's just that I disagreed w/ her need to discuss everything RIGHT THEN while Jill was trying to have her fundraiser. I agreed w/ what Bethenny was saying about the bar "advertising", but Jill was being bridezilla-ish because it was her fundraiser & she was stressed out (like a bride gets around her wedding day), & I don't think she was in her normal frame of mind. So, I think that Bethenny should not have approached her & fought w/ her right in the middle of her fundraiser. I think she should've let it go until afterwards & then discussed it w/ her. It all worked out in the end though, so that's good.

Everything else was O.K. last night. None of the people that normally make fools out of themselves (Mario, LuAnn, Kelly) did that last night. Ramona was a teany bit annoying & argumentative, but that's inevitable. All in all, it was a good season finale. I'll be looking forward to the reunion show, which I assume will come next week.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Well, I never posted about last week's Private Practice because I didn't feel that there was anything worth posting about. The season finale was last night, as well as new episodes of Ugly Betty & Grey's Anatomy, but we had Braeden's baseball game last night, so I have yet to watch any of it. I hope to watch them all over the weekend & I'll report back after I've done that. Hopefully the season finale will be better than last week's episode. Surely it'll have something about Addison & the married doctor in it, as well as something about Naomi wanting to &/or thinking about leaving the practice. So, we'll see.